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SURABAYA 23 Januari 2016: What are you doing now, Galuh?

I and Vani while doing field visit for Penanggungan cultural heritage in Ubaya Campus C, Mojokerto

Since resigned from apprenticeship in CIMB Niaga South Jakarta, I moved to live in  Surabaya (hero city). I worked in the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources in East Java province since July 2015 till now. My position is auxiliary technical implementation.

Before heading to Surabaya, I travelled to Kupang for 9 days, precisely on June 19, 2015 till 29 June, 2015. At the beginning in Surabaya, I don't have a permanent place to stay so I stay at my brother's boarding house for 5 days. He was so nice to take me to the office every day. Though the distance from his boarding house to the office around 10 kilometers.

Until now, I've changed boarding house 4 times. I often switch places boarding due to incompatibility or because of other problems. Now I stay in Demak area, and I think this is the best boarding house ever. I have a room with 3x4,5 meter in size, private bathroom, sink and kitchen. Although monthly fees fairly expensive  (Rp 650,000 with an additional cost of electricity), it is very convenient boarding house.

I work from Monday to Friday. My work revolves around the administrative and technical things, such as processing a mining permit in several regency in East Java province. For my group get part: Bangkalan regency, Sampang, Pamekasan, Sumenep, Ngawi, Nganjuk, Mojokerto and Bojonegoro.

My task is to check the administrative completeness of the mine permit application, and then check with Arc GIS software whether the map request is in conformity with the maps submitted, whether the area proposed for mining are in accordance with the relevant district local regulations, and each map do not overlap each other.

After all requirement complete and have no problem, then I and my team have to prepare for field visits to each applicant mine. Field visits are useful to ensure that the locations to be mined are in accordance with the proposed map. We use GPS and check some of the outermost point of the mine site. If the location to be mined is not in accordance with the proposed map, we gave them the understanding and direction.
Me while doing field visit in Mojokerto

After field visits completed and there are no problems, the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources will provide technical recommendations as golden ticket for miners to obtain a permit. Own mines permit issued by the Integrated Licensing Services after receiving recommendations from the head of regency regent respectively.

Besides, I make technical recommendations for the exploration mining license. This license is useful so that miners could conduct exploration activities on its territory. Exploration activities are useful to determine the appropriateness of an area to be mined.

After the completion of exploration activities, miners made 5 document that consists of exploration document, feasibility study documents, working and the draft budget documents, post-mining and reclamation plan documents. My task is to evaluate the 5 document is in accordance with Kepmen and Permen.
Me and my team doing evaluation for iodium mining plan presentation in Mojokerto

My duties after five documents above approved, I have to do field visit for the second time in the same mine clearance, to ascertain whether land letters for the land to be mined is already freed. If all appropriate procedures, miners can get exploitation permission.

My other job is make mining article for newspaper, assist the implementation of the mining socialization, as well as assisting other things. My job is fun!


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