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Cheapest way to go to Reykjavik City Centre from Keflavik Airport

Iceland is expensive country. No doubt and everyone knows it. There must be a reason why. The simple answer, as you can see the Iceland's location on the map, located in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, separated thousand miles from the nearest continent, there must be a lot of things and product coming from outside of the country. That's why everything is expensive, include public bus transportation ticket.

Finding the cheapest transportation method from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik City Centre is the first challenge for backpacker that visit Iceland. I know it. I was into it.

Actually the best method and obviously FREE is hitchhiking. But you're not always that lucky to find that kind of hearted people, right?

The second cheapest method is posting a share ride request in

It is obviously a safe link that connect you to carpooling, where you can just post day and hour of your car ride request, and just wait and hope someone will call/email you to offer share ride or even give you a free ride to Reykjavik or other places. As I can check, this website is always updated.

The third cheapest method is ride Strateo bus, it is like a public bus in Iceland. Most of the bus start from or headed to BSI Bus terminal. To go to BSI terminal from Keflavik Airport, you need to buy 4 bus ticket (around 1600-1700 ISK). Yes you need 4 BUS TICKET. The ticket quantity is based on how many districts you're passing. If you want to go to Reykjavik city centre, then you need 5 bus ticket (about 2000-2200 ISK). Damn yeah expensive! The journey is about 1 hour and the bus will stop many times in the bus stop to carry more passengers. This is the cheapest public transportation method, but Strateo bus has no flexible schedule.

The earliest bus scheduled 06.35 am. You can wait outside the airport (in waiting places like a box). The bus is always ontime and yeah, don't miss it if you don't want to wait more longer or spend more money to ride another transportation method.

Good news. The strateo bus ticket is valid about 1.5-2 hours from the hours you bought it. So within the valid time, you can just use that ticket to go around city.

My advice, just buy 4 bus ticket and get off at BSI terminal. (You can buy the bus ticket in airport, I think in Mcdonalds downstairs before the main airport door). From there, if your hostel is located in the Reykjavik city centre, you can just walk, about 1-2 kilometers. My hostel was Bus Hostel Reykjavik, and I walked 1 kilometer from BSI terminal. You can walk while enjoy the view and orientating the road. Actually, the road is very easy to memorize! And on the way to Reykjavik city centre, you will see a beautiful landmark of Reykjavik, a marvellous high church called Halgrimskirkja (or something like that).

The fourth cheapest, is taking a Fly bus by Reykjavik Excursion. It is the most frequent and the most common transportation method from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik city centre. From Airport to BSI bus terminal, they'll charge you 2500 ISK one way. For airport to your hotel in city centre, they charge 3000 ISK one way. Cheap? Hmmm.... You decide!

Well, just find your best transportation method based on your budget. On thing about Iceland, IT'S AWESOMEEEE!!!!!

Is it allowed to sleep in Keflavik International Airport, Reykjavik?

Many people and sources says you can't. Trust me, you can! I have proved this by my self when I visited Reykjavik in June 2017. My flight was landing in Keflavik Int. Airport at 23.00, and I had no hostel reservation for that night. I just assumed, there must be backpackers looking for some places in Airport to sleep also.

And As I could see, there were a lot of backpackers sleep in the coaches or floor. I slept on the floor with charging my handphone. A little bit cold, but I can handle it. There was no airport securities that cased away us! Even they didnt really care about us (backpackers!)

The best place for sleep is departure area (dont go downstairs because it little bit crowded). You can enter this place eventough youre not gonna fly to anywhere.

I can give u picture later for prove. Because it is saved in my computer (Im using handphone right now). Dont  waste money for expensive hotels /hostels when you can just sleep in the airport couches/floor.