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Is it allowed to sleep in Keflavik International Airport, Reykjavik?

Many people and sources says you can't. Trust me, you can! I have proved this by my self when I visited Reykjavik in June 2017. My flight was landing in Keflavik Int. Airport at 23.00, and I had no hostel reservation for that night. I just assumed, there must be backpackers looking for some places in Airport to sleep also.

And As I could see, there were a lot of backpackers sleep in the coaches or floor. I slept on the floor with charging my handphone. A little bit cold, but I can handle it. There was no airport securities that cased away us! Even they didnt really care about us (backpackers!)

The best place for sleep is departure area (dont go downstairs because it little bit crowded). You can enter this place eventough youre not gonna fly to anywhere.

I can give u picture later for prove. Because it is saved in my computer (Im using handphone right now). Dont  waste money for expensive hotels /hostels when you can just sleep in the airport couches/floor.


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