Life Only Once. Stop Thinking and Just Make It Work


Surabaya, 14 Februari 2022 : Lesson

Today I'm really in a bad mood.

I'm in a bad mood because of some human behavior which, in my opinion, is very unpleasant.

Human. Why are some of them so heartless?

I sometimes feel like I've become a good person. Helping them through their hardships, but what do I get in return?

The reply was..Unpleasant treatment.

They seem to think I've never done good/helped them before.

They do as they please. Sometimes without thinking about my feelings.

Meanwhile, I kept thinking about how someone would feel if I wanted to do something bad to them. I hate this "sensitive kindness feeling"

Sometimes I feel like I want to get away from all humans with their hypocritical nature.

In my life I have only met a few good people who are truly sincere.

The rest are annoying people, only come when they need help, ungrateful people.

Human. Can I live without their interference? I mean not all humans from all aspect of life. But humans who always come only when they need my help, I want to stay away from people like this.

I don't know. It just feels so tired with humans.

I just love my cats ritght now.

They seem genuinely in love with me, well, maybe just begging for food all the time.

I want to stop being a good person for a while and care a lot about other people. Because there are times when I need them, they seem don't care at all. Proud. Meanwhile, when they are in trouble or in need, I openly or secretly look for solutions. It's a very bad trait.

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