Life Only Once. Stop Thinking and Just Make It Work


Solo, 23 Oktober 2022 : Kept Aware

 I'm actually in a low mood today. Yes, it's normal.. worldly problems, where we live will not be separated from suffering. But I've decided, no matter what problems I face, I have to keep things as they are. I have to keep going with my daily routine. I didn't want trouble to overwhelm me, nor decide I should act this way or that. Problems may remain problems, but I have to keep waking up, I have to keep bathing, eating and drinking water.

I found an interesting book title on Google Books, the title is "Art makes life easier". I read some of the free pages, and was intrigued. I will soon find the full version and read it mindfully. I need to be kept aware.


OTL, 16 September 2022 : Minimalist but Complicated

In my adult life, I just want some peaceful mind. For me, peaceful means minimalist life. Not just minimalist in physical, but also mentally. Minimalist in physical means I own only stuff i really need, as simple as possible. Minimalist in mentally means I dont want to much involve to anything that can drained my energy from inside. Just simple life, with or without somebody.

But sometimes life won't let me get that so easy. Life keep testing me with unimportant things that keep happens everyday. Sometimes I feel so tired and just let that happen. 


Surabaya, 14 Februari 2022 : Lesson

Today I'm really in a bad mood.

I'm in a bad mood because of some human behavior which, in my opinion, is very unpleasant.

Human. Why are some of them so heartless?

I sometimes feel like I've become a good person. Helping them through their hardships, but what do I get in return?

The reply was..Unpleasant treatment.

They seem to think I've never done good/helped them before.

They do as they please. Sometimes without thinking about my feelings.

Meanwhile, I kept thinking about how someone would feel if I wanted to do something bad to them. I hate this "sensitive kindness feeling"

Sometimes I feel like I want to get away from all humans with their hypocritical nature.

In my life I have only met a few good people who are truly sincere.

The rest are annoying people, only come when they need help, ungrateful people.

Human. Can I live without their interference? I mean not all humans from all aspect of life. But humans who always come only when they need my help, I want to stay away from people like this.

I don't know. It just feels so tired with humans.

I just love my cats ritght now.

They seem genuinely in love with me, well, maybe just begging for food all the time.

I want to stop being a good person for a while and care a lot about other people. Because there are times when I need them, they seem don't care at all. Proud. Meanwhile, when they are in trouble or in need, I openly or secretly look for solutions. It's a very bad trait.

PS: Curhatan diatas tentang pekerjaan


Surabaya, 23 Januari 2022

Love this words.. Do something new today. Each moment is another chance to recreate yourself.❤️