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Solo, 5 Agustus 2021 : One More in Bali?

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I already have 1 house, in Boyolali to be exact, and I can't express in words, how relieved and happy I am to have it with the status "paid off". 

Happy how?  happy because.. It turns out .. living in your own house is good huh.  We don't have to think about paying monthly fees like boarding children.  We just need to think about filling up the electricity pulse and paying for water to the PDAM. And because my house is quite minimalist, it's very economical on electricity and water expenses.

Besides that, living in our own house feels very nice because, we can design and buy things as we like.  For me, I prefer a minimalist arrangement.  Buy only what I need, which I will actually use every day.

Due to the endless pandemic for almost the last 2 years, I was able to save some money (which I would normally use for traveling abroad). And I think I want to invest my savings in 1 more house. I like the nomadic life, and I have always wanted to have a simple house on the island of Bali. Well, it doesn't have to be like a luxury villa or beachfront house, I just want a simple small house, where I can live where I can live carefree, and without having to pay anything every month for other people.

These few days, I started hunting for cheap houses on the island of Bali through the marketplace. I love this little house, for 140 million. I've asked the owner of the post, asking if it's okay for residents of ID cards outside Bali to buy it. He said yes, and gave the address of his marketing office. Well, I'll stop by later when my road trip to East Nusa Tenggara begins. But I will be careful and not careless, because I know that fraud is now everywhere.

Well this is just a light story, I don't want to push myself too deep into this either. But I think this seriously.


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