Life Only Once. Stop Thinking and Just Make It Work


Madiun, 2 November 2018 : WHY ??

Why on my 26'th age, I have spent lot of money for traveling?
Because I want my life to be remembered. I want a life that different from others. Life that is not flat. Life that fulfill with a lot of new places, new person, new season, new faces everyday. So I've a lot of stories to tell to them who'd like to listen, I life with no regret of anything. Someday if I old, i will open again all of this journal. I will read sentence every sentence, and my memori will come back to the time when that actually happen. So I know for sure, what I have done in this life. Do I try hard to reach my dream? What I feel when my dream come true? What I do next? It's all written in my journal.
I'm not a rich person, I should work hard for that. I believe that I work hard enough till now.


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