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[3] CHINA TRIP DIARY : 25 Maret 2017 - Sampai Beijing, Mengunjungi Tembok Besar China

25 Maret 2017
Bandara Internasional Beijing

"Welcome to Beijing, temperature outside is 3 degree celcius". Keluar kayak kulkas... Brrr.
Im sitting alone waiting for my train to Dongzhimen (town center)..Fron Dongzhimen, I will take local bus to Mutianyu Great Wall. Im so tired because I cant sleep on the plane. But Im used to it so no matter. But first I need to brush my teeth. .

Siangnya… Tembok Besar China! (Mutianyu Great Wall)
Benar-benar luar biasa….

Trust me, ini dingin banget sampai bibirku beku. Gigiku gemeretuk. Kalau kena angin gemetaran. Suhunya 1 derajat celsius. Tapi bahagia banget bisa lihat ini akhirnya... Terimakasih Tuhan...Mutianyu Great Wall. So happy.

On my way here, I met two travelers from Mexico.

New friend, 2 girls from Mexico. I met them inside the bus when going to Great Wall. They are confuse about the bus so I help them and then we walking together. This photo was taken inside the gondola.
They are on the world trip, starting from Japan, then Cina, then Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore. I suggest them to visit Indonesia also, and they are agree, they put Bali in their itinerary. The blond said (I forgot to ask her name), they need sun. So I said, of course Bali have a lot of sun!
The best thing I like about solo travelinh, so yeah we are walking alone, but we actually never be alone.
Be happy mate!


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