Life Only Once. Stop Thinking and Just Make It Work


Solo, 15 Februari 2024 : Serigala Penyendiri (Loner Wolf)

 I Think This Is Me..
I like.. and love.. to be alone. 
Or just with my closest friend.
Alone give me time to think.
Alone give me time to deep focus and think what I will to do with my life.

I don't like the norm that I have to serve everything for someone.
I don't like loud voices.
I don't like the thought I have to take care of something, or I will sacrifice everything in my life for something/someone.

Because of that, I need to take care of my health. Yesterday I already walk for 40 minutes. Today i will walk again. I will make is as habit. I dont want to get any disease.

Reduce sugar, reduce food with cholestrol, reduce (white) rice.


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