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SURABAYA 13 January 2016: God's plan is always more beautiful

Well, beautiful title right?

Trust me, IT'S TRUE.

I'm not a particularly religious person, but I really believe in that phrase above. This story start from a taste of hurt and despair. I will share.

Once, I've ever so hoping to get a job straight out of college. I dont want to be unemployed, I knew it was a very uncomfortable condition. This expectation is ever upheld by, let me say Mr.X, who offered us a job as a geologist in a consulting firm as we graduated. Mr. X says, his consulting firm always lacked of geologists. I - we- was so happy with this offer. 

US? Yes, Mr.X offered this job when I and some friends are following mapping projects under his consulting firm  in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Let me say I (as my self), B, C and D. B,C and D are my friends that follow the same project as I'am.  I'am very optimistic about this offer.

A few moments later, I was graduating. With a burning passion to get an actual job and could meet all my dreams , I immediately contacted Mr.X remind his promise to give me (us) work. Just then, I was the fastest person who graduated from 3 of my other friends who joined the project in Flores.

But the answer of Mr.X dissapoint me. Mr X said there was no vacancy as a geologist at his consulting firm. I was so disappointed, why did he give hope to become so great that in reality don't match. Mr X said he would tell me if there is a project. Means, if it does happen, I'm just a freelance employee, not a permanent employee as he says. 

That time is January 2015, and since there is no clear word from Mr.X, I finally followed the internship program at CIMB Niaga in South Jakarta for 3 months. CIMB Niaga is a private company that gave me a scholarship for college.

During this internship program at CIMB Niaga, several times I asked Mr.X via whats app, whether any projects available for me to join. He says none and asked me to patient. Few weeks later, He informed me that there is project available. The project lasted three months, and he promised to tell me as soon as everything is clear.

Week after week, I did not get any news from Mr.X. Eventually, I realized that Mr.X not want me to work for him. All he says is nonsense that I continue to believe. Well, such a stupid job seeker right? I promised to myself that I was not going to beg for any job again to Mr.X. Incidentally, at that time (July 2015) I also get a new job as temporary employees in Deparment of Energy and Mineral Resources in East Java Province.

The next event, taught me the meaning of patience and sincerity. My friend, B, who joined the same project as me in Flores, and graduated 4 months after me, suddenly already worked as a geologist in Mr.X company. B do not even need ask any job to Mr.X, it Mr.X who offered B job and asked him as soon as possible to go to Surabaya.

"When you will arrive in Surabaya?" Mr.X asked B suddenly.

I was very disappointed with Mr.X, I've been the first who graduated and ask for a job to him, he did not even give me a chance. I'm very sad, hurt and despair. If he just wants B to work for him, why Mr. X should give us a hope? I was aware of everything and just be patient. I believe God have beautiful plans for me.

Now, I'm so happy work in Deparment of Energy and Mineral Resources. I am happy to work in a place that really needs my expertise. People are nice. They even spoiled with various facilities, field trips in various places in East Java and other various projects. I get more income other than salary that allows me to save regularly. Even from that savings, I can plan a trip "Embrace the Himalayas" which will carried June 29 until July 11, 2016.

Even more news, Deparment of Energy and Mineral Resources offered to become civil officer. Is not that a good thing? I'm just sit down, working my routine job with the status of contract workers and suddenly they offered me to become a permanent employee with various allowances. While other people have to contend with all sorts of tests and preparation to become a civil officer, I was offered free of charge. I just need to decide whether I want to or not. And they need my decision as soon as possible.

If I take this chance, I'll get salary around 6 million rupiah/month, with addition of some allowances and fieldtrip money, total of my salary will be more than 7 million rupiah/month. Although I haven't give any decision yet wheter I'll accept or not, I think this is a very good opportunity for me. I'm sure this path of my life is the result of patience that God has given me. 

I never hate Mr.X, he is such a nice person that give me a chance to join his project in Flores, and I always thank him for that. The conclusion is, God's plan is always more beautiful. I always believe in karma, so I never hate or disfigure Mr.X. I tried to always positive thingking and saw an opportunity to develop myself and my career to build my own firm company.

Thank you God for eveything.


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